Maximising the sale price of your property

Styled to Sell is in the process of rebranding.
Please contact Kylie at or on 0419 314 012 if you have any enquires. Thank you.

Make your place picture perfect...

Let television stylist Kylie Harding make your property picture perfect!

Kylie’s television experience puts her a cut above the rest. She understands the art of capturing mood and magic for the camera, selling the aspirational lifestyle of a home.  Her premium staging service is designed to turn your home into the glossy pages of a magazine, the immaculate portrait of still life.

This is interior design flair to make your room ‘pop’, giving it warmth, personality and finesse. But Styled to Sell staging is also a smart business decision that will increase your sale price.
We’ve helped hundreds of happy vendors fetch more than $150,000 above reserve.

Invest in us and we’ll show you how the artistic brushstrokes of smart staging lead to a signature on the dotted line, at top dollar.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today to get started on your property.