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Tips for better sale prices....

Our blog will keep you up-to-date with hints and ideas for getting a great sale price.

Crystal clean windows a must...
Up the Ante on Outdoor Areas
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Make your place picture perfect...

Let television stylist Kylie Harding make your property picture perfect!

Kylie’s television experience puts her a cut above the rest. She understands the art of capturing mood and magic for the camera, selling the aspirational lifestyle of a home.  Her premium staging service is designed to turn your home into the glossy pages of a magazine, the immaculate portrait of still life.

This is interior design flair to make your room ‘pop’, giving it warmth, personality and finesse. But Styled to Sell staging is also a smart business decision that will increase your sale price.
We’ve helped hundreds of happy vendors fetch more than $150,000 above reserve.

Invest in us and we’ll show you how the artistic brushstrokes of smart staging lead to a signature on the dotted line, at top dollar.

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today to get started on your property.